Why donate?

Gideros is free and open source software -- and will always remain that way!

However, it would be great if you could help to fund Gideros development by giving us a donation.

With your donations we can make Gideros bigger and better: more bug-free, more features, more frequent updates and better documentation!

Tell us what to improve...

Use the sliders below to build up your contribution on the right. You can give us a tip and influence the future development of Gideros at the same time!

More advanced graphics

Lighting, 3d effects, virtual reality, advanced clipping, improved text etc

Better sound system

Open SL ES for Android, 3D sound, stereo, synchronisation...

Widget library for business apps

Easily create buttons, dialogs etc within apps

New export targets

Xbox, PlayStation, Linux, BlackBerry...

Better documentation

Video tutorials, complete the "Ultimate Guide to Gideros Studio", FAQs...

Community events

Meet ups, conferences. webinars...

More plugins

Advertising, IAP, analytics, social media...

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Disclaimer: Note that Gideros is not a registered charity. Money raised will go to staff salaries and equipment needed to develop Gideros.

What will be done with donations?

Your donations will ensure that Gideros programmers can spend more time on Gideros and be paid to do so. Over time we hope to build up a team of full time staff to develop and maintain the code professionally

The money will also help cover the cost of new computers, mobile devices and website hosting fees.

We will also use the funds to publicise Gideros through conferences, webinars, meetups and other outreach events.

We will prioritise features in proportion to the donations we get through this page. But please also come to our forum to let us know what you would like to see added to Gideros!